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Londinium C

This may be premature, but was do you expect the price point to be for the LC?


  • hi rob. under GBP1000 delivered, i.e. all in, including delivery & taxes
  • I want to ask for newbies coffee lover like me. What is the best choose wait for Londinium C or order LR?

    BR Pencho
  • hi Pencho

    two very different machines; one half the price of the other

    the LC will not have a pump, pre-infusion will occur at boiler pressure, no hot water tap; a relatively basic lever machine, albeit a 58mm spring group

    the LR you already know about; it is simply a tank fed version of the L1/2/3; a commercial lever machine for the home

    kind regards

  • Hello,

    Do you know if there will be a taste difference in the coffee between the C and the R?
    I'm really liking a smaller machine without the steam since I only drink coffee without milk or sugar but taste is more important of course.

    Kind regards,

  • Hi Aike

    yes, absolutely as the LC will be a dipper fed group (pre-infusion occurring at boiler pressure)

    the LC will have a steam wand, but no hot water

    kind regards

  • Thank you so much for the swift reply
  • I've been trying to come up with an explanation for calling it C, but I'm drawing a blank. So I thought I'd ask. Why C?

  • hi matthew


    kind regards

  • Ah, simple in the end. Thanks, Reiss.
  • Hi Reiss,

    Will the Londinium C have an in house group?
  • Just let me know when I can get one delivered and I’ll order right away. Small flat needs compact machine ;-)
  • Any news about release date?
  • hi christian
    unfortunately it is not going to see the light of day in 2018
    this is the result getting pushed down the queue for development resource by much more influential customers than ourselves, namely Subway and more recently Nestle - this is just a fact of commercial life; there is nothing much i can do about it and i would do the same if the roles were reversed
    i am happy to report that we now have development resource working on it and it is an exciting project given that we are forging an all new 58mm spring lever group in England
  • Well, that’s ruined Christmas for me, Reiss!
    Maybe I’ll get one for my birthday (March)...
    I’m glad business is so bouyant.
  • Hi Reiss,

    I know the L-C has not been released yet, but is it worth waiting for Londinium Compact instead of getting L-R?

    I’m a sole coffee drinker (2-4 cups a day) that alternates between espresso and flat whites, so steam wand is still needed. Quiet warm up is a must (I don’t want to be woken up by a cold machine!) and I have no doubts about a quality in the cup :).

  • hello

    this question comes up quite a bit. they are vastly different machines so i think it will be fairly easy for you to decide. the LC will be a stripped back direct fill machine without a hot water tap or elevated pre-infusion. it will be less than half the price of the LR

    kind regards

  • Does this mean that the LC only will have plump in possibility? No tank version? Line in pre infusion?

  • hi christian

    I'm clearly doing a lousy job of explaining myself

    think of the little la pavoni, olympia cremina, ponte vecchio or the elektra mica casa e leva

    that is the class of machine the LC will be in, a world away from the LR
  • Reiss Gunson post=14968 wrote:
    by much more influential customers than ourselves, namely Subway and more recently Nestle - this is just a fact of commercial life;

    Subway, as in the sandwich restaurant chain? Nestlè is the king of coffee creamer in the U.S. wow...

  • Hi Roger

    Yes, the big boys

    Kind regards

  • So now we are in 2019... Any news regarding release of the compact londinium?

    I have to ask before UK leaving the EU, making the machine price much less attractive unfortunately..
  • Hello Christian
    October is what I’m looking at for a release date
    Kind regards
  • Don’t be concerned, Reiss. That sound you can hear is just me crying.
    Maybe I’ll have one for next Christmas.
  • Can you share any more information about the group? How similar will it be to the classic spring lever groups? What material? Will it use standard portafilters and baskets? Any pictures?
  • hi curtis

    thank you for your interest

    chrome over brass, 58mm so a wide range of baskets will fit. when its ready it will go on sale - around november i expect

    kind regards

  • Sounds like an interesting machine. The one thing the La Pavoni lacks is a spring lever (although it'd add an amount of bulk to it that'd distract from its diminutive size)
    I'm taking it that direct fill means unscrewing a boiler cap, filling it and replacing the cap? Rather than pumping water from a reservoir into the boiler?
  • hello rhys

    yes, direct fill mean what it says; straight into the boiler, no reservoir & pump

    kind regards

  • Very excited by this one. I have a Cremina and love it but could make room for a nice compact spring lever.
  • like the wireless control for the LR, we're running very late on this project too but we've not forgotten about it.
    kind regards
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