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Glass hopper Londinium/Torr


I am not sure if this is the correct sub-category to post but couldn't find a better one. I was wondering if the Londinium glass hopper would also fit a Eureka Atom (or any other grinder for that matter). My measurements of the current hopper are:

- 5.15 cm outer diameter
- 2.4 cm height where the grinder and the hopper overlap

There is a bigger part on the cylinder which connects to the grinder where the hopper is screwed in place and also locks at a certain rotation because it is not round like most hoppers but this should be no problem I think. See the image:

Would the glass hopper fit these dimentions? And are other variations in design/size (e.g. 300 g or 1000 g) already planned?

It would be great if this fits more grindes since I really like the quietness of my Atom and the style of the Londinium hopper.


Edit: I rotated the image but the web version doesn't get the change.

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  • Thanks Frans, that was quick! Do you feel like adding a sleeve to get from 4.7 cm to 5.2 diameter would be sufficient enough to keep the glass on the grinder? I am thinking shrink tube or similar on the unseen bottom half. Height wise it should be ok (~ 2.8 cm <--> ~ 2.4 cm).
  • Happy to help!
    I am not a mechanic and can't say how/if what modification would work for you, sorry.
  • My Glass hopper arrived yesterday and it’s great! I wrapped some cotton around the base and put it into the existing rubber of the Atom. Fits perfectly, nothing strange can be seen at the connecting parts and the grinder is even more silent and much nicer looking now! Thanks Reiss for the limited offer of these hoppers in your shop! Yes, I found the news page now ;)

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