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Extraction time

Hello Londinium users,
my procedure pulling espresso:
- 100% robusta dark roast
- standard basket
- 14g grinded coffee
- brewing ration 1:2: 28g espresso
- tamping: minimal-> always the same pressure with costas dtamp

i adjust the grinder according to taste: goal always 30g espresso output

my question: with the londinium i have a very long extraction time in order to get 28g espresso and good taste up to 50s

is there evidence for a "red line" you should not cross concerning extraction time?

after which not so tasty solubles are extracted?

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  • Let the taste guide you.

    If it makes you happy, you’re good!
  • yes concerning acitidity it makes me happy and the shot looks good - but i loose details in taste
    i wonder if i can react differently to the acidity other than grind finer - i frankly did not expect that the shot would take that long after grinding finer

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  • hi christian

    on the LONDINIUM R you change the characteristics of the machine to match the roast you are using by adjusting the preinfusion pressure

    never change the boiler pressure from a max = 1.0 bar or you will find yourself in a world of pain

    we ship the LONDINIUM R with the preinfusion set to 3.5 bar at the switch, which gives about 3 bar at the puck, and is evidenced by the lever grabbing at almost horizontal assuming you wait for the first drip to fall in the cup

    this setting will produce a brew temperature that is far too high for the optimal extraction of a dark roast

    for a dark roast turn the pressure switch down (-) until the lever grabs at about 45 degrees above the horizontal when released after the first drip falls in the cup

    then you will see first hand how our machines are all about equilibrium; in reducing the pre-infusion pressure you also drop the initial brew temperature a lot and reduce the brew weight; both of these changes will protect your dark roasts from over extracting

    let us know how you get on

    kind regards

  • thanx you very much for the good input Reiss and Frans! i am very happy with the results

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