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Tanzania, AAA Majinja #31 recipe


I have a new shiny Londinium R and a E5 in the post with some of the Tanzania beans hopefully in the post and wondering if someone out there can help me get a good start to making tasty espresso.

So assuming 16g basket / dose what in/out ratio would be good and approximately what extraction time would fit?

I read 1:2 @ 25secs is kinda standard, but with lighter roasts its seemingly good to have up to a 1:3 ratio @30-35secs helps maximise the extraction / strength with lighter roasts. Without being a master, having a refractometer or knowing the machine well, I hope someone here could give me some guidance to get in the ballpark / I can experiment from there :)



  • Hi Robert,

    Have you had an espressomachine before or have you otherwise had some experience with espresso extraction?

    Starting with 16g in the basket at a grind setting and tamp that would get you about 30g espresso in about 30 seconds is a good start and you can take it from there, first of all enjoying the espresso and thoughtfully changing one variable (grind setting, dose, tamp, pre-infusion time, extraction weight/duration) at a time.

    Have fun and enjoy!

  • Hi Frans,

    Thanks for your reply. Yeah I've had a Gaggia Classic and also have done a fair amount of manual pour over as I saved up for the LR + read up on espresso, so I'm quite happy with the different variables, trying to isolate / change one at a time etc. I wouldn't describe my palette as well developed but its why I bought this machine, once get working well with a coffee and I intend to buy a map / board and go on a world tour of coffee in my kitchen :)

    Yeah I got a little confused, been reading alot about extraction/strength/tds -> tendency for places to over-roast/under-extract and the "solution" being presented by the people to roast lighter maximise extraction with little more time / water on a finer grind. Intrigued because I see alot of light roasts here / read what these levers are good at.

    So yeah, great help to get a ballpark of what would be a good extraction on the LR with this sort of roast and I can experiment from there :)

  • Good!

    Sometimes I like to 'geek out' with high precision measurements, TDS etc, but I think those clips / blogs should not be used by the makers to merely impress / intimidate others.

    Common sense, a little experience, gentle handing and thoughtful tasting can accomplish everything, no need for probes/gauges/lab equipment there, really, I must confess.

    In roasting, the equipment *is* very helpful and in my view indispensible but even there, one can find roastmasters who do fine just by observing, smelling, and feeling.
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