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Uganda Bugisu AA (on the Rocket machine)

I have this pack, roasted light, november 29th, at my girl friend's place so can't currently test it on the HG One & LONDINIUM setup, but ground more fine than usual on the Vario and extracted at a relatively low brew pressure (4 bar on the gauge, probably 3 bar in the puck) it yields a wonderfully herbal taste.


  • I have to say i struggled with Londinium's Ugandan offering. I couldn't hit it all and it was taking my K10F to places where it hadn't been before (!) - i.e. grind fineness. Acidity pretty aggressive and not pleasant. Just couldn't tame it.

    The Guatemalan saved the day for me however. Fruit chocolately sweet and just superb - reminded me of terry's choc orange
  • Is your Uganda gone already or still available to play with?

    I opened an new pack and this time, while starting and ending with 4bar, I did most of it on the usual 9 bar, and this time I used the 7g basket and I ground 12g of beans in it.

    It came out truly delicious, the herbal/spicy taste had a distinct red cherry candy taste. One of those cups that make me want to have it all right away and another soon.

  • All gone Franz - blew the pack trying to hit it. Sounds like you did much better than me out of it; 12g in a single basket means you really packed that single basket and probably got a very slow lovely extraction from it?

    I certainly don't begrudge the experience. Its good to try this sort of stuff. I get the impression of African coffees is that if you hit it they are our extraordinarily good, if you miss it - even just a bit - they are awful. At least in concentrated espresso form where the natural acidity can wipe out one's tongue.
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