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L1 Boiler Refill Issue

Hi Reiss,

The L1 arrived today and has been set up as instructed in the manual.

Initial fill up to halfway point with the manual by pass valve in the vertical position, followed by closing the valve and switching on the machine to allow it to fill up with the blue light on.

The issue is that the machine will not maintain its water level during use and will slowly empty out the tank, even with the blue light on continuously.

We tried switching the machine off, releasing all pressure with the steam wand and switching it back on. That seems to cause the boiler to refill, but again we have a reduction in water level as we draw hot water, pull shots etc.

Needless to say, constantly switching off the machine and bleeding the pressure with the steam wand is not a long term solution in a Cafe!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
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