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Group sleeve inadvertently came out

I started having leaking at the junction of the upper and lower parts of the group, where the 4 hex screws connect the 2 parts, similar to the post a few years ago by Paul Marshall (which is in the permanent files section. My problem is that when I pulled the group piston out, the sleeve came with it. I notice that there are 2 holes in the sleeve, opposite each other. I need to put the sleeve back in but would like to know if I need to line the holes up with anything (like where the water comes into the group) or if I can just slide it in without worrying about where the holes are. Please help- I'm missing my espresso!


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  • hi john

    thanks for posting

    in terms of aligning the sleeve in the lower half of the group you will notice that there are four holes of approx 1mm in diameter

    if you take a look down the inside of the lower half of the group you will see a large inlet hole bringing water into the group from the group neck at an angle

    if we were to refer to the point at which the water enters the group from the neck as the north position, then i recommend you align the sleeve so the four inlet holes are at the NE, SE, SW, and NW positions

    push the sleeve fully down, which is when the top of the sleeve is 12mm below the top of the lower half of the group

    the second issue that i mention in passing is the source of the leak - 9 times out of 10 the source of the leak will be the group seals and the leak will either be down through the portafilter (middle piston seal fails) or up through the drain hole forged in the back of the top half of the group (top piston seal fails)

    however, as the machine ages the o-ring seals in the sleeve will eventually fail - one is on the sleeve as shown in your image above and the other is mounted in the journal in the lower half of the group (which is visible if you take a look down the inside of the group before you replace the sleeve) - i raise this as a possibility in the unlikely event that the piston seals are not the cause of the leak


  • Reiss,

    Thanks for the quick reply. I have thought about the sleeve o-ring failures also, but they feel OK and I thought the most likely source was one of the piston o-rings. I will replace those and if I still have the leak, then I will probably post again asking how to replace the sleeve o-rings as I have not seen any instructions regarding replacing them.

  • changing the o-rings on the sleeve couldn't be easier once you have the sleeve out. note that the two o-rings are slightly different sizes.
  • Reiss.

    Sorry this follow-up is delayed. The piston o-ring replacement fixed the problem. Also, I noticed when putting the sleeve back in, putting it in with the holes at NE, NW, SE, SW causes the holes to line up with the hex screw holes- easy!

  • thank you john for posting the end of the story, it makes the thread a lot more useful to anyone reading it. much appreciated, reiss.
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