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I am leaving for three months and I think there is a post on how to empty the boiler, but I can't find it.

Someone knows where it is!


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  • hi vincent

    just empty the water box and dry it

    when you return turn the system on for an hour then flush 3 times the volume of the boiler through progressively

    during this pull a good amount of the water through the hot water tap and the lever group and the steam wand so all the components have fully flushed the old water and become very hot for an extended period of time

    then leave it for at least 20 minutes for the group temperature to re-establish equilibrium and you're ready to go


  • Ok, no need to drain the boiler!!! Good! Thanks!

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  • hi vincent
    well it wouldn't really serve any purpose - you would never remove all of the water and so you will have some water in there which will need to be cooked and flushed through on your return anyway so you might as well save yourself a job
    copper has has inbuilt anti-bacterial properties anyway, unlike stainless steel
    kind regards
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