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Lever shaking

Replaced the piston seals of L1. After that the lever is going up in a jerky way, not smoothly but with very short intervals, especially in the last bit. Tried with a lot of grease, less grease and almost no grease at all. It didn't solve the problem..
Any suggestions to solve this?


  • hi frank

    did you follow my video tutorial in the permanent file?
    in particular my view is you focus on greasing the sleeve, with only a sheen on the seal themselves
    also, pump the lever 30-40 times to drive the excess grease down
    my guess is there is a 'dry patch' on the bore that is causing the seal to grab rather than glide, indeed that's all it can be
    kind regards
  • are they londinium seals?
  • Reiss, thanks for your quick reply!
    Yes, Londinium seals.

    Kind regards,

  • how are you getting on with it frank?
  • Hi Reiss!

    Well, not so good. I can say we tried every possible way of lubricating and the problem remains. Really, I'm out of options here.
    I thoroughly inspected the seals for any damage, but no (noticable) damage .
    Since the purchase of my L1 I changed the seals twice, no problems at all. So I was thinking, since the only variable that has changed is the seals, do you still have the good old seals in stock? So called 'new old stock'? Or any other helpful suggestions of course!


  • hi frank
    I'm not aware of anyone else who has had issues with our in-house seals
    what say i send you another set?
    i recommend thoroughly cleaning the old grease and gloop off the bore so it is as clean as a rifle before you regrease it & fit the new seals
    be sure to watch my video in the permanent file again too
    ill send the seals to the same address unless you email me instructions to the contrary
  • Hi Reiss,

    Thank you! Will install according your instructions in the video.

    Will let you know.

    Thanks for your help,


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