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Portafilter bottom a little wider/thinner for 25g (!) VST basket

Vince Fedele of VSTlabs sent me a big new VST 25g capacity filter basket that almost fit my LONDINIUM portafilter and Tije de Jong made the rim along the bottom of the portafilter a little thinner and wider so now it fits perfectly.

Tije remarked that mostly such portafilters wobble a bit in the lathe as they are never perfectly round and centered but this one sat perfectly still in the lathe claws and he cut out a neat and even ring of brass.



Fits perfectly:


In Tije's workshop:


Two neat perfect rings of metal cut out (one brass, the other chrome):


Close up (i.e. with te camera held nearer to the object):



  • that's a beautiful job frans - my compliments to tije
  • Looks great! Nice metal work . There are many machinists in my area but all too expensive for small jobs like this.
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