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Water Leak Detector

I know from discussions with Reiss that he’s very concerned about plumbed machines in domestic situations, probably with good reasons.

About a week after my recent cold feed conversion, which involved a moderate amount of rethreading of the brass fittings, we awoke one morning to find a cold machine with a fully pressured boiler with a small puddle of water underneath.

A very fine hairlike strand of brass had lodged in the solenoid valve allowing a very slow drip of water into the boiler. The Over Pressure Valve then released the water onto the bench. No damage was done but it could have been much worse.

After a moderate amount of searching I came across the below “Water Leak Detector”
It’s cheap at Aust $50, battery operated and appears to work very well. It’s also only 37mm thick and will fit under an L1 with 40mm legs.
The device works by sensing water in contact with the two steel plates and then activating the solenoid valve. For those with under bench water filtration units I can’t see any reason why the device couldn’t be mounted below the filtration unit and modified with two addition wires attached to the contact plates with another contact plate under the machine.





  • Nice! Thanks for sharing.
  • hi greg

    thanks for posting

    i'll never tire of seeing anyone post about leak detection/shut off valves, the more the better

    the LONDINIUM R has been developed, and is sold, as a tank fed machine for the enormous convenience that tank fed machine offer (plug & play, no need to lose a kitchen cupboard to filter units & plumbing)

    i accept that a small subset of owners do want to plumb the machine in which is fine, but please do use some kind of leak detection/isolating device; a drip every ten seconds adds up to a lot of water if you go on holiday for 2 weeks (120 litres)


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