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Do I need a Flow Restrictor?

I have had the pressurestat set at 1.2bar and was getting a consistent 86C on the group head, and measuring 23C air temp in the mornings over the last few months.

I do see stalls after a 3-4 second pre-infusion, but 1 or 2 quick flushes brings it pretty quick and stable, but i'm glad i've got the temperature probe on here now so i can see the stalls.

I was monitoring this today when i noticed that as the weather is starting to heat up during the day and i'm getting 31C next to the machine and 90C or more on the group head

So i've reduced the pressurestat to 1.0 bar, but am still seeing 88C on the group head.

Do I need a flow restrictor, and if so, will i have to take it out again come winter, which would be a pain

Or do i just ignore all this and go for flavour?



  • Hi James

    You've definitely answered your own question - always let your tongue be the judge

    That said, a group surface temp of 88C is top of the range for optimum taste

    My first question would be, where do you have your machine? Is it in the corner as depicted in your avatar?

    If so, is it possible to increase the air movement over the group, by opening a window, or ideally 2 windows to establish a cross flow in the room

    Alternatively, can you move the machine out of the corner and closer to a doorway or window, where the air movement will be much greater?

    If not you might want to try a small electric fan placed near the machine - just ideas, highly likely to be unsuitable unless you are already using a fan to cool the room in summer, in which case direct it more onto the machine

    If none of the above are suitable then go for the restrictor, but you'll need to remove it in winter

    Kind regards

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