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Plumbed in L1 has started bleeping

My L1 is stil performing perfectly but the low-water level alarm (I assume that's what it is) has started bleeping - but it is a plumbed-in machine so the water level should always be maintained. It never use to do this - any ideas?


  • I get that when I have forgotten to open the water supply to the L1 extention of the pipes. Do you have a valve that you can open / close?
  • Frans Goddijn post=754 wrote: I get that when I have forgotten to open the water supply to the L1 extention of the pipes. Do you have a valve that you can open / close?
    I do, but it's open!
  • A big drop in water pressure of the main?
  • If you take off the L1 hose, does water come squirting out of the pipe that feeds L1?
  • a foreign body is obstructing the inlet path at some point, quite likely one of those granules of activated carbon (the ones that look like sesame seeds)

    disconnect the water supply where it connects to the inlet solenoid and see if water gushes out when you turn the water supply back on

    if it does, then you know the obstruction is in the solenoid

    the solenoid has a filter in it for this very purpose, so check that next

    kind regards

  • I got this isue when the council was doing work on the water supply and the pressure dropped a bit and then the toilet was flushed
  • Well, water is flowing in fine. In fact the machine is operating completely normally - water input and heating lights coming on as before, I just get the bleeping just before water input solenoid comes on, then it goes off. So it doesn't seem to be a problem, but I do wonder what is kicking off the low-water warning.
  • hi roland

    i was at the manufacturer yesterday (28/10) and raised this issue with them

    the only thing they can think of is a loose connection on the bypass wire that connects the two wires that would normally connect to the bottom of the water tank on a pump & tank model to protect the machine in the event of the water tank being run dry

    obviously these two wires have no such function on a plumbed in machine, so we use a bypass wire to connect these two wires together

    let me know how you get on

    (normally when the alarm sounds the machine switches off the element and prevents it from coming back on unless the machine is physically switched off and back on again, which resets the electronic control unit)

    kind regards


    It was not the L1, but the water flow-meter installed just underneath the bench where the L1 sits warning me it will be soon time to change the Everpure cartridge.

    I feel slightly stupid now, but at least I've found out what the problem was.
  • Now that's funny!

    As I grow older I notice my hearing is less acute so I might just say "What beeping" if my wife hears something I don't. She was not exposed to as much machine gun fire and cannon and rocket fire as I was so her ears are waaaaay better!

    Beeping, beeping, WHAT BEEPING??!
  • hi roland

    i really appreciate it when people take the time to post the outcome and don't just bugger off into the sunset until they next need help from the forum, so thank you as this really builds the value of the forum

    roland's experience also underlines a firm belief of mine - any water treatment system without a volumetric flow meter with an audible alarm is as good as useless

    why? because being human almost all of us tend to forget to replace filters at the necessary intervals

    a filter that isn't changed when it needs to be is no longer protecting your machine, and left for long enough will become a health hazard - I've seen some pretty awful green slime inside filters that have been neglected

  • Reiss:

    Are those flow meters powered by line voltage??
  • i expect such things are available, but roland's meter is battery powered - they run forever as they have negligible current draw
  • Roland! What brand of flow meter do you use??
  • Stephen Sweeney post=865 wrote: Roland! What brand of flow meter do you use??
    It's called a Digiflow 8100T
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