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What tamper are you using?

for the best part, tampers are objects of beauty so it would be great to see images of your tampers up here, its specification (diameter, base profile, etc) and what you like/dislike about your various tampers if you have more than one

this should make for a colourful & interesting thread

no prizes for guessing what I'm using

its 58.50mm and just 37mm high from memory (to shorten the length of the lever as much as possible, making it easy to tamp level), flat solid brass base, solid wenge handle

i find it easy to use and it develops a nice patina as it ages

i would never go back to a 'conventional' tamper, but I'm particularly interested to hear honest feedback from customers who own this tamper as to whether you prefer it more or less to other tampers you have - its ok to say you really dislike it immensely, but if you could please offer up some reasons/explanation too



  • That's fun!

    I have long used the Black Cat Tamper and it has grown on me so if I feel I might have a problem with extraction I first move back to the Black cat to see how that works.

    This week when I read about Reiss tamping with both hands, that is, keeping the PF and basket in one hand and pressing the LONDINIUM tamper with the other hand, I started doing it that way and I find it's more successful than when I held the button tamper as one does traditionally.

  • hi frans

    thanks for the post. I'm not sure my 'mid-air' approach should be regarded as best practice as new users are likely to find it more difficult to tamp level in mid-air i suspect, but i mentioned it to illustrate that high tamp pressure is not required (where the PF is placed on the bench and then all the force that can be mustered is bought to bear with a straight arm; what i call the elephant stomp technique)


  • image
    My go to tamper is the torr goldfinger, super heavy and beautifully made, I also use the torr plan2convex with African Blackwood bicolor handle, both of these are titanium coated. The goldfinger is a convex the plan2convex has a flat centre with a curved edge profile, birth torrs are 58.4 mm, I have the Londinium button tamper as well. My preference with the L1 is to use a convex tamper, I like the weight and feel of the goldfinger, I also think is is a beautiful looking tamper which just adds to the pleasure of using it. I wish the button was convex as I would use it more often, I just don't like flat bases. Having said that I think the finish and feel of the button tamper is lovely.
  • I use two fairly similar looking tampers. On the left is a Made by Knock heft with anodised handle. It has a flat base and 58.35mm diameter. On the right is a Torr with a rubberised handle and a trapezoid convex base, 58.4mm. I use the Torr most of the time as I really like the trapezoid base as it is great for nutating. Both are solid, well made pieces. The Torr has the edge on quality and feel but the Knock is great value for money.

  • I have an australian Jarrah timber Pullman tamper
    58.49mm diameter with a flat base
    i just lightly press the tamper and spin with my fingers
    I've got pretty big hands so i find i use it like a button tamper, only with support in my palm
  • I have exactly the same Pullman tamper as James, but recently started using the Londinium button tamper.

    It took me a while to get used to, but it was immediately obvious that the button tamper resists gorilla tamping.

    For a while I switched back and forth between the two, but I've now settled on the button tamper.

    I only use the Pullman when I've accidentally overdosed and need a bit more force to clear the grouphead. ;)
  • I have tried several tampers and styles of tamping and have settled into the "Mid air" approach since the thumbs can easily find the edges of the Basket without being a contortionist peering around the Basket in the PF on a Counter/Bench. OE was where I first saw the Mid Air approach to tamping. No need for a tall handle.

    Reg Barber bases, 58.3.

    Reg Barber bases, 58.3.

    Reg Barber bases, 58.3.


    The last one is 2 diameters, a 58.3 and a 58.4mm, just flip it over.

  • image
    1. Londinium - 58.5
    2. Chris King - 58.0
    3. Thor Rosewood - 58.2

    I find myself using the Chris King and Londinium the most. Of course, it depends on mood.
  • Ahhh, another cyclist amongst us :)
  • I have the Londinium tamper and a bog standard Reg Barb 58.3 flat base. I much prefer the look and distinctiveness of the Londinium tamper but I find I have more consistency with the Reg. This is because I think the vst baskets expose crappy technique quickly and a little bit of nutating helps me to shore up a sufficiently prepared basket. Nutation is easier with a stemmed handle I think.

    I have no doubt that practice with Londinium tamper would get me there to, but I am somewhat all over the place with freestyle button tamping.
  • More obsessively than coffee making. I figured someone might recognize this awesome tamper! It's as good as their other components. Cheers!

  • image
    I am using a Torr XS with a flat VST base.

  • Hello all - my first post since taking delivery of the Londinium I a few weeks ago. I'm relatively new to the pursuit of quality espresso and just wanted to reiterate - especially for the benefit of any newbies like me - how important it is not to tamp too heavily for the LI. I spent many frustrating hours - and a lot of beans - wondering why I had to wrestle with the lever to get a decent extraction. As soon as I moved from traditional to finger-tip pressure tamping on my 58.35mm Made by Knock tamper (same as in earlier post by Pete R) the difference was dramatic and I'm now consistently producing decent shots. Will certainly be considering investing in the button tamper in the near future.
  • Has anyone got a smart-tamp from mgcoffeetools? They look interesting... pricey though!
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