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Now THAT's a fast roast ;-)

As I am preparing a presentation about coffee in Poland at the end of this month, I roasted a lot of beans to have enough stock to let people taste while I speak. But the Costa Rica beans that I roasted and tested after 10 days of rest were less appealing than the Uganda beans I'd just used all up so to be sure I can present the best I can, I immediately ordered 12 bags from Londinium, in time to let them rest and be optimal when I need them.

There's still about 14 days before I leave home so I had enough time waiting for the shipment.

Online, I could see that the beans, roasted two days ago on Monday afternoon, were picked up in New Zealand.

Very surprised to have the DHL delivery man ring at my door just now, Wednesday morning with the box of freshly roasted beans!


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  • i'm astounded quite frankly frans.
  • Not bad, not bad at all !!

    Where in Poland, Frans?? I guess it is not Warsaw.... ,too bad :-(


    (sorry, URL won't work, unless you copy it and paste in the URL part of your browser)
  • Link doesn't work, but don't bother found it already.

    Nice link between coffee and TeX typesetting method :-))
  • Strange, I can't get the link to work on the forum, whereas in my browser it works
  • Hmm, right you are...

    browser opens https:

    copy/past starts http:
  • Hi Frans,

    Your link will probably work with "http" not "https". Initially my copy of your link did not work either but changing it to http worked fine.

  • Trevor Watters post=11204 wrote: Your link will probably work with "http" not "https". Initially my copy of your link did not work either but changing it to http worked fine.

    Thanks Trevor but did you test it by entering such an URL in a message?

    I did have http:

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  • Hi Frans

    There is a fault in the software. When you add a link via the editor, it defaults to https rather than http.

    To prove this, hover over the original link and you will clearly see as per my screen shot that when a new tab is commenced, it uses https. See bottom left of the screenshot.



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  • You nailed it Trevor!

    Indeed, the http URL is transformed into a https link and if the given website does not have a https entry, it does not work

  • The Brazilian beans were a great success in Poland and luckily I had some left to enjoy at home. Interestingly, these come out superb at a slightly less hot group temp than I normally have, a little over 82ºC measured on the outside of the group and a little over 18g in the 18g VST basket. Such a smooth creamy lovely espresso. I will be careful to enjoy these last shots of this roast! Roasted early April, and so splendid now even, a month after.
  • hi frans

    thank you for taking the time to report back on these - I'm pleased they met your expectations

    kind regards

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