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lever action with the L 1

Dear Londinium 1 aficionados,

I watched the progress of the L 1 for a while and I am interested in one special aspect since the product changes of August 2013. That means the current delivered L 1, is this the model with the side panel subframes? Is the subframe model the standard production now?
With these current L 1 subframe construction do you recognize any akward frame flex during your lever action?
Is the frame still strong enough to withstand the power of the long lever?
Or do you stroke the lever and feel and think:
"Oh, smooth and sturdy action, nothing special, every time a great pleasure to play with the lever"?

May I ask you If somebody by chance will be so polite to send some high resolution pics of a current stripped L1?
Would be nice to have a closer look to the new frameconstruction.
My mail address is:

[email protected]

Or is it possible to watch high resolution pics in this thread too?

Thank you very much for your help.
Best wishes and always brimming over shots with your L 1.

Tristan Willbrandt


  • here are some images from our files of the current chassis, to get the ball rolling for you Tristan;






  • Per the photos you posted Reiss the new style chassis frame should put any issue of chassis flex to bed. Having said that I've got one of the 'older' style chassis frames and any flex in it is either unnoticeable and/or moot relative to the espresso other words: Its a non-issue.
  • Hi Tristan

    I have the newest variant of the LI and I can confirm absolutely that the chassis does not move. Absolutely rock solid. The lever action is smooth and a real pleasure to use.

    The caveat is of course you place it at the recommended height and the group is appropriately lubed. But you shouldn't have any concerns around this specific point.
  • Dear Londinium aficionados,

    thank you very much for sharing your experiences.
    Examining the photos I suppose and agree this is a very stiff frame housing construction. I suppose the rear subframes add to rigidity as srewed to the frontal pump working area. Also please recognize the little triangle area supporting the vertical section to the rear horizontal section. Very nice.

    As my initial assumption seems to be false so the L 1 is back on my top two wishlist.

    Thank you very much.
    Have a great day out.
    Best wishes

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