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L1 Unboxing + first steps

Hi guys!

I just wanted to share my first experience with my new L1 from the actual production lot which arrived yesterday.
This is the new shipping carton:

The second box (where the group comes in) is much smaller.

Before plugging in you should check the anti-vac valve first!!!

There could be a security tag on.

You need to pull off the top panel for that.
Pull left and right or twist slowly with a bred&butter knife or a flat wooden spoon or something like this.
Take care - don't lever just twist slowly it will pop-up.

Pull off the red plastic tag from the anti-vac valve:





Take the opportunity to clean the plastic from the side panels too.
Pop them off, put them some minutes in hot water and remove the tape.


The edges of my drip tray:



After assembling everything, and warming up (30min), the first tries with frustrating results.

I don't feel familiar with the new K10 fresh grinder - so I had to destroy almost 500g of Londinium coffee (decaf + brasilian Fazenda Samambaia) until I could get out something like this shot with Toraldo espresso beans...
It is still too sour, but more or less OK - The Londinium beans are still not drinkable - too sour...
I guess I need to play a lot with the grinder.

But - I LOVE IT :) Really good building quality and a great machine.
I knew I have to learn a lot and I hope to get a lot of help from you here...



  • That looks wonderful!! Thanks for documenting this.

    The grind could be a little finer it seems.

    When I was learning about grind and dose, I've also ground away tons of beans. It's just money well spent on your education ;-) If I need an excellent shot that looks great too, it takes just 2-4 tries on average when all is basically nearly right already. A friend near by who has his own café needs only 1-2 shots in the morning to get it right.
  • The k10 fresh takes a little getting used to, the increments on the worm screw are very small, so you think you are adjusting a lot when it is really not that much, once you get it dialled in, you will be in espresso heaven
  • Manfred,

    So grateful you posted this- I totally missed removing the red tab in the instructions that came with my L1. Only used my L1 about 3 times for an hour each time with it on- hope I didn't mess anything up.

    Also, I have similar results in flavor with Londinium coffee so far. The Kenya AA is quite sour compared to what I normally buy, but it does pack tons of flavor.

    My only thought on that is that this coffee is roasted more lightly to maximize it's flavor with the L1 in mind..

    So far, I think the Londinium coffee brand seems to have a higher quality feel than my local roasters beans (chazzano coffee), which are also fantastic quality.

    I noticed some micro spurts from the initial shot as well. I've been struggling with a lot of that since I recently switched grinders to the HG One.

    As I understand the grinder just needs to break in more though.

    Anyway, thanks for the great post!
  • My experience with Londinium bean is that the grouphead needs to be sufficiently hot around 85 C for the sour taste to be reduced.
  • Hi,
    would like to add some experience about my Unboxing+first steps.

    Package also arrived in superb condition after having travelled appr. 2900nm to reach me, excellent packaging!
    Assembly and initial start up exactly as described with no problem at all.

    My antivac valve was not secured by any pin though, hope that is not a problem.
    I found the spring and seals well lubed and despite reading about too much or not enough lube I decided to insert as was. Now the lever catches after 3-5cm and I can release it. Does that sound about correct?

    Being my first lever I was not expecting much in regards to first shot quality, but at least the look was not too bad.....I think. See for yourself.


    Only two minor cosmetic regards:

    1. the gasket connecting the main group to the main body is cut slightly too large on one side and shows appr. 2-3 mm


    2. there is a small nick or similar on the lower part of the main group at 6 o'clock right above the pf handle


    Although both could be noticed at final quality control, I can live with them though.

    Handling experience and remaining built quality internal and external is outstanding! I am really happy with the buy and the machine. The visual impression it makes resting on the counter is at the same time elegant, massive, of quality and refined, but still an every day down to earth, straight forward espresso machine.

    I can say the same about quality of service, response time from Reiss to email inquiries and the constant supply of information from this forum.

  • Congrats Philip! Those shots look very promising.
  • hi phillip

    while i wouldn't dispute the fact that some groups are supplied to us with cosmetic imperfections on the surface of the group, i think it is important to note that this is EXACTLY the same group, and same quality of finish that you would received if you had spent GBP10,000 (UK pricing) on a two group idrocompresso

    im a fussy sod too - it's not that i am unaware of such things, it is simply a commercial reality that if we were to reject all groups supplied to us with cosmetic imperfections our supplier would tell us to find someone else to supply us fairly quickly

    i would very much like to offer complete cosmetic perfection on every single machine we build, but the price would rise to the point where no one would buy the machine

    the overhang on the gasket is certainly in the must do better category however, and very much within our control to do so

    kind regards

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