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How do I get the protective coating off?

I'm not sure if the side panels come off of my L1 or not, so I was unable to remove the protective films from them. Advice? If this is in the manual then I missed it.


  • The protective coating should come off MUCH MUCH easier once the machine is heated up and running hot. It's a nightmare to remove when the machine is still chilly after being shipped.

  • The coating is also in the cracks between panels, and it doesn't come out when I pull at it. Should the panels come off for this?
  • hi Alejandro

    yes, i need to update the owners manual for the new machine, but it is fairly easy

    hold the top panel at the front hooking your fingernails into the seam line, on the left and right with both hands and pull firmly upward, but controlled so that when it comes free the panel doesn't go flying

    this will release the 2 pins at the front of the panel

    the move your hands to the back of the top panel and do the same thing to release the 2 pins at the back and the entire top panel will then come off

    with the top panel off you will be able to see that there is 1 pin in the middle at the top and bottom of each side panel

    hold a side panel top and bottom at the front, again hooking your fingernails into the seam lines, and pull gently

    note how each side panel hooks around at the back of the machine, as you need to hook each side panel around the back of the frame when you come to put them back on - you can not push them back on 'flat'

    with this knowledge it should be dead easy - no tools required

  • oh, and when replacing the panels push down with the heel of your hand directly over the spot where the pin(s) is(are)

    (i.e. not in the middle or corner of a panel, please)
  • oh, and to answer the original question, take the panels off and sit them in hot water for a minute, then as patrick has already suggested, the warmth softens the adhesive on the protective wrap and it all gets very easy
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