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Storing my LI during vacation

My wife, son and I are in the process of moving, and along with our relocation we are taking the opportunity for a month-long vacation. Negative: I won't be pulling shots on my LI 6/day; Positive: we're going to be in Italia living la dolce vita.

My question is what would be the recommended procedure for leaving my machine for this extended period. I currently have my machine setup to pull water from the tank, and have only used Volvic from Day 1 as was recommended. I appreciate any advice!



  • Hi Salvatore

    The key things are;

    1. Drain as much water was you can from the system (undo the cold water inlet pipe on the left end of the boiler, then lean the machine over. sit the machine on the draining section of your kitchen bench to do this)

    2. Don't store the machine where it can freeze

    3. When you turn the machine back on let it pressurise, then leave it for an hour (machine on) so the heat kills any water bourne bugs that may be present - unlikely, but possible, so best to be cautious

    4. Be prepared to flush plenty of water through, e.g. at least 5-10 litres to ensure all traces of the old water have gone. Be sure to flush through all the pathways, i.e. water port, the group, the steam wand
  • Reiss,

    Thanks for the instruction. I'll be hand-carrying my machine (luckily this move is relatively close, so I don't have to hand it over to the movers), and it will be stored in a safe, warm and dry location until I return.

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