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How fast can you pull 2 double shots for 2 drinks?

When I pulling wih my Londinium 1 more than one shot, I usually have to wait for approximately a minute in order for the pressure to be relieved from the group so I csn remove the portafilter. I made the mistake once and I did not wait at all ( I was uded to with my La Marzocco GS/3 to pull shots one after the other) and I made a huge mess!!! There is no such issue when I am making straight espressos. When I am making milk drinks, i am usually frothing enough milk for two drinks and I am facing the issue described above. I would prefer to be able to pull shots one after the other, but I am not sure if this is possible. Thanks for your feedback and ideas on possible solutions / suggestions.


  • It is hard to get around this issue as the LI (and levers that I've owned) do not have a pressure relief valve. Try this: wait for say 20-30 seconds and then gently pull back the lever a little bit (but not to the extent that water is released!). This creates space that could help relieve the pressure a bit.

    It used to work for my old ponte vecchio Lusso but can't guarantee it's effectiveness for the LI as I haven't tried it myself

    Failing that use the 2 spout portafilter?
  • hi spiros

    you can overcome this by learning how to 'crack' the seal open that has formed between the group and portafilter

    if you throw it wide open, dumping the pressure all at once you get sprayed

    if you learn to ease the portafilter off progressively you will not get sprayed

    it just takes a bit of practice

    kind regards

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