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Interesting experience with the last of the Rwanda

I was in the process of quickly making some coffees for my self, the wife and her friend before they flew off to Spain... So I was in a bit of a hurry.

I made my cup last, I am into the last bag of my final order from Reiss... Rwandan Kinunu... Which is great coffee! As I was grinding (by hand HG One), I caught a different whiff to normal, but dismissed it.

Then when I poured the coffee, that smell came back... A bit like a rotten raw potato, particularly noticeable around the softening or sprouting eye. Even though I again thought this a bit odd, I took a couple of sips... Not only did it smell, but it also tasted like a rotting spud. I left it and drove to the airport.

I went to wash the cups, and there was that smell again!

I ran an internet search and found an article by "Sweet Maria" about Rwandan coffee...

Here is a paragraph from close to the end of this page:


Anyway, just thought that was an interesting nugget to share.

BTW: I have made a couple of cups from the same bag of beans since, with no further hint of a pong... I reckon that this must have been in JUST ONE BEAN! In which case, it must have been really concentrated.


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