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Register as a Londinium owner

Hello every one this is more a post-sales question. I bought my L1 last year and I was wondering how can I get listed a an owner on the forum to join in on the fun.

Never mind I just found it :)


  • Welcome on board!
  • Yes...Welcome to the Londinium forum Paul!
  • hi paul
    i have added the privileges you need to post within the L1 owner's forum
    apologies for the delay
    kind regards
  • Thanks everyone! It has been almost a year and I am still very happy with my Londinium.
  • Hi Reiss, I’m having trouble registering as owner of the recently purchased Londinium R , wondering if you could help, as I’ve looked everywhere, searched google, but don’t seem to have access to certain links which may in truth solve the problem, however I can’t see them to resolve it - so essentially I’m still needing to register
  • Could anyone help me register please.
  • hi john

    im in new zealand so our tuesday is just starting

    i will sort your account out right now

    one moment

  • try now john

    remember that your first 5 or 6 posts need me to manually approve before they appear - this is one way we control bot postings & spam

    kind regards

  • Hi all

    I'm nick. Bought my LR a few months back. Been loving it.

    I'm from England, UK.
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