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Pre infusion pressure

How do I adjust the pre infusion on my LR? From pulling the lever to drops it’s maybe 1 second. It’s the same coffee and grind setting I had on my HX machine which would take 3 to 4 seconds before first drops.

Do lever machines call for a finer grind then other machines?


  • hi there

    what coffee are you using? i.e. blend/single origin/robusta/arabica/oily bean/satin finish bean/dry bean/etc

    what dose are you using?

    what basket are you using?

    kind regards


  • ah, super helpful. i would say 1.3 to 1.5 bar. if this is still too roasty for your taste add a restrictor into the thermosiphon and this will dramatically cool the brew temperature across all PI pressure settings and you will find you can step up to perhaps 2.5 bar and it still wont taste as roasty as at 1.5 bar without the restrictor. kind regards, reiss.

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    and i would say grind so the first drop falls in the cup about 3 seconds after the pump stops for the first time

  • Reiss

    i dont have difital preinfusion for my LR, how do I drop the bars to 1.5? I installed the restrictor already.

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    oh well if you have the restrictor i think you will probably get a reasonable result with the 3.5 bar mechanical pressure switch as there is a 1 bar pressure drop from where the switch is to the puck, so in effect you will have about 2.5 bar of preinfusion at the puck, which with the restrictor will be about right i think. let us know how you get on. reiss.

  • How do I drop the pressure if I need to?

  • you buy the digital pre-infusion module.

  • going to add it to my birthday list, to late for Christmas lol

    what does the nut coming from the bottom on the machine attached to the pump do?

  • it varies the pump delivery pressure

  • and the mater switch keeps it to 3.5 no matter what the pump pressure is?

  • they are two quite different things. the pump adjustment screw needs to be in far enough such that the pump delivery pressure is greater than 3.5 bar, otherwise the pump will run and run as the Mater pressure switch will never reach 3,5 bar, and therefore never turn the pump off.

    i think having the pressure adjustment screw on the pump out about one and a half turns is about right


  • ah ok now I know why I had that earlier problem with the pump continuously running.

    what is the screw for that’s under this nut?

  • that is the expansion valve

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    This is high no? I adjusted the mater and now have it at 2 but i still get first drips within 2 seconds. After 30 seconds I only have a single shot in the cup so i cant grind any finer.

  • what grinder are you using?

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    I am using a Ceado E37s with worm gear.

    I was also using a distributor without tamping. I started tamping and now I can adjust extraction time for PI. Im used to my HX were i didnt need to tamp with the distributor.

    Now i just have yo play with my grind setting. For a double i usually grind 14 to 14.5 gram for a double. Shots have been coming out thin and ashy

  • ok, so you have a grinder that is fit for purpose

    i would step the dose up to 16g, even 17g

    i would recommend tamping

    i presume you are getting the first drip in the cup after about 3 seconds of pre-infusion?

    i would recommend pulling the cup sooner for the type of coffee you are using as it is going to over extract quite quickly

    a video clip might be helpful to see

    kind regards


  • and im assuming your pressure gauge reads 0 when the system is cold and 1.0 at its absolute maximum (just after the red light turns off)

  • the machine is a 0 when off and at its max it goes a hair over 1 just after the light turns off.

    since i have been tamping i am getting the first drips around 3 seconds.

    I reached out to Vicere and they recommend 14 grams for that blend. I will trying upping the dose anyhow and see if it helps.

    with 14g now and first drips at 3 seconds after 30 seconds the shot is in the 1 to 1.25 ounce area, to short for a double.

  • the least expensive resolution would be to change to a lighter roast, not light, just lighter than what you have

  • I upped the dose to 17 grams, had to go coarser on the grind and the shots are a little sour

    went to 16 grams with a extraction just under 1.5 ounces in 30 seconds and shots are bland. Not sour or bitter but not sweet either.

    This roast should be chocolate and sweet

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