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Pumping running then stop and machine beeps

when I turn on my LR the pump begins to run and runs for about 30 seconds then shuts off and the machine starts to beep. There is water in the reservoir too.


  • so picking up from your comment on the other thread that you posted in, the adjustment screw on the bottom of your pump that protrudes out through the bottom of the chassis adjusts the pressure at which the pump delivers water. i would suggest you turn the screw fully in to the end of its travel, then turn it out one and a half turns. does this solve the issue?

    kind regards


  • I turned the nut all the way in then loosened it 1 1/2 turns. The pump no doesn’t run continuously but the blue light goes on and after a minute the lights turn off and starts beeping.

  • ok, so the solenoid is either not opening in response to the electromagnetic field from the coil, or it has an obstruction in it. in the permanent file you will find a video post on how to take the solenoid apart and clean it. if cleaning it makes no difference the solenoid will need to be replaced. kind regards, reiss.

  • Can you link me? I can’t find it in the permanent file forum.

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