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Emitting constant 'SSSSSSSS' sound from the Safety Valve when heated up.

I have a Londinium I, purchased 2014. I have just changed the pump and pipe and it now sounds fantastic. compared to the old.

About 9 months ago I replaced the pressure switch with the upgrade and adjusted it to 1.05 - 1.3 Bar when idling.

Regarding this constant hiss from the safety valve, I guess I am going to have to change this. So I shall order a new one and when it's arrived get in touch with you Reiss for further instructions. In the meantime I will make sure I have a 22mm spanner.

All the Best Richard

Richard Mortimore UK


  • hi richard

    yes, the current safety valve is a big improvement on the one that you have

    be sure to use a hammer to strike the end of the spanner in staccato fashion so you shock the two threads apart

    it is counter-intuitive, but if you simply pull on the end of the wrench with your hand you run the risk of distorting the boiler, which would necessitate replacing the boiler

    apply the same technique to fit the new valve to the boiler, but looking carefully to see the angle that the wrench moves each time you strike it with the hammer

    when the wrench stops moving when hit by the hammer, or moves less than about 10 degrees of angle stop hitting the wrench or you will burst the threads

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