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Frozen nut

owned my LR for about a year now, had some minor lever juddering so I thought I should grease the seals. 3 of the bolts are easily removed, the fourth is completely frozen. Can’t budge it for the life of me. Any suggestions? I’m using the right sized allen key, throwing all my weight into it, and I’m worried I’ll strip it out


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    hi kyle

    i suggest you email me to arrive a video call

    are you using a 4mm 'T' wrench as these are far superior to the cheap 'L' wrenches?

    kind regards


  • & triple check that you are turning it anti clockwise when viewed from underneath as it is very easy to get confused.

  • Thank you Reiss, I have ordered this wrench and it is due to arrive Saturday.

    I haven’t been using the cheap “L” shaped wrenches, I have something a little more substantial than those, but this unit looks like I’ll be able to add a little extra torque. I’ll try and shoot a video if I’m having trouble still.

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    thanks for the tip on the Allen key. I was able to remove the nut. It was not without difficulty, as the attached video shows. I made one last attempt after this video and I was able to budge it. I was able to lube everything well in there. My understanding is that these nuts don’t need to be severely tightened as they aren’t providing a water seal, correct?

  • hi kyle

    thank you for posting the video as i can now understand why you were struggling

    going forward you need to remove the portafilter from the group and use a longer wrench so you can easily grasp the t-handle with your hand without colliding with the group and critically, keep the wrench perpendicular

    i will post a photo in a moment to illustrate

    kind regards


  • as you can see this longer wrench allows you to keep the shaft of the wrench as close to perpendicular as possible, which is critically important or you will round out the heads of the cap screws. in the first image i post of the wrench it clearly shows you the brand of the wrench (Bondhus), the fact that it is made in the USA so it should be readily obtainable for you, and the model number of the wrench (13160), which will allow you to ensure you are buying the identical product as shown above, and it is 4mm in size of course

    hope this helps for next time

    you are exactly right, the screws only need to be nipped up as they are not carrying any load and the two components of the group are not sealing on the join. just enough so they wont rattle loose over time.

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