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How to replace steam and hot water handles

I've bought some light-coloured, maple-wood handles to replace the OEM wenge ones on my 2014 L1. I can remove the pf and lever handles without difficulty, but I don't know how to remove the steam and hot water ones. When I try to unscrew them, the shafts they are threaded onto turn with them. Do I have to disassemble the whole valve mechanism?


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    hi matthew

    as part of our commitment to refining things over time we now mill 6mm flats on the threaded rod, as shown in the images above, so you can use a 6mm wrench to stop the threaded rod turning as you try to unscrew the toggle handle

    a machine of your vintage will not have these flats machined on the rod so it will be difficult to get the original handles off im afraid

    if you have a pair of needle nose pliers you might be able to get enough purchase on the rod to stop it turning whilst you unscrewed the handle from the end, but you would want to wind electrical tape or similar around the rod first or it will be all scuffed up from the pliers by the time you get the handle off

    you may also need to carefully heat the rod as the handles have been locked in place with thread sealant

    i am assuming your machine has the original black plastic toggles; the easiest way to get them off might be to take the pair of them to a bicycle repair shop and get them to put the black plastic toggle in the vice and tighten the vice until the toggle shatters, but please ensure eye protection is worn as they absolutely fly apart if you take that approach and the fragments would hit your eye at speed

    kind regards


  • Thanks, Reiss. I'll try those suggestions. The toggles on my machine are wenge. It's nice wood, but I thought it would be fun to freshen up the look with light-coloured handles.

    Best wishes,


  • A pair of needle nose lock pliers did the trick. Thanks again for your advice.

  • good stuff matthew!

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