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Drip tray modifications to accommodate installation of Acaia Lunar scales

Anyone been tempted by the Pantechnicon 3D printed insert to in install their Acaia Lunar scale into their drip tray?

Came across this recently -

It appears that the insert can be bought without the drip tray mentioned.

Not really convinced that it's worth hacking into my LR drip tray to install, but remain open minded about its potential. In addition, I currently don't find any hardship in putting my scales on the drip tray and removing them to clean down afterwards, though appreciate it can change the look of the machine.



  • edited November 2020

    I hacked my old drip tray to accommodate the scales. It looked really good but if the scale touched the sides even a tiny bit it naturally affected their capabilities. I still like the idea though.

  • I did it a bit deeper but I didn’t take a photo of it in situ at the time. It was pretty rudimentary!

  • I clarified with the designer that the scale protrudes a few mm’s above the profile of the insert. There isn’t the clearance between the insert and the scale to allow the silicone mat to sit across the scale with the perpendicular edge facing downwards as you demonstrate in your first picture.

    It’s definitely an interesting concept.

  • That’s interesting. I had a spare mat and cut that edge off in the end, that solved that issue!!

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