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Attention Londinium Owners……. win….. win….win ?

Would you welcome the opportunity to win a framed Londinium plus a Londinium tamper and a Londinium logo bar towel, while at the same time, be helping raise much needed funds for Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice ?

** Embroidered towel photo pending**

If so, then, I would be extremely grateful if you would respond, in this thread, to express your potential interest. In doing so, you will not be committing to anything. However, such responses will enable me to decide how best I can structure a prize draw that will give participants decent odds of winning the above set of goodies, while also ensuring a decent total is raised for Zoë’s Place.

Please let me explain…….

Firstly, let me say a big thank you to @Reiss Gunson , who has very generously said that he will donate the Londinium tampers. Thanks also go to the lovely Mildred ( @Anita Cross ) for kindly offering to donate some of her wonderful embroidered bar towels.

As for the Londinium frames, they are 3-D depictions of a Londinium espresso machine, each individually crafted from card. Four years ago I designed and made six Londinium themed frames. I kept one for myself and gifted the rest to some coffee friends who, to this day have them gracing their coffee corners.  

Recently, I adopted Zoë’s Place as my charity of choice and became aware of the fabulous fundraising work done by the Little Fighters parent’s fundraising group. Having submitted a piece for their upcoming fundraising Art Auction, it occurred to me that that there might be some potential to raise funds from making some more Londinium frames. I’ll be honest, they are a pain to make! I spend far too many hours than is sensible, fiddling and fussing over the minutiae of their construction and so, it would be difficult to put a price on them. However, I am happy to to give freely of the associated costs and time, in order to benefit a good cause.

The black, lightly grained, wooden frame is 26cm x 26cm x 4cm and will either hang or stand.

At the moment I envisage that a £25 donation, made to Zoë’s Place via a JustGiving page, link tbc, will entitle the donor to a place in the draw.

A 'prize' will comprise three items, a frame, a tamper and a towel.

If 1 - 10 donors then 1 prize.  If 11 - 20 donors then 2 prizes and so on up to 41 - 50 donors then 5 prizes.

So, at the start of the draw, the chance of winning would be at least 1 in 10.

A random draw, suitable scrutinised, will determine the prize winner(s)

UK shipping will be included.

Winners requiring standard shipment to other than the UK will be asked to make a further donation of up to £15 in order to help cover increased shipping cost. Winners requiring other than standard delivery will be asked to pay any applicable premium.

If you have taken the time to read this far then, thank you. I appreciate it. 

If taking part interests you then please let me know . It will help me to get a feel for the scale of it and hopefully, get it organised.

It really would help Zoë’s Place if you could see your way to taking part!

And you never know…… you could win…. win….win!

I will repost as soon as there is more to say.

Spread the word!

I have made a similar post on the Kafatek grinder forum

Thanks again to @Reiss Gunson for allowing me to use the forum to bring this to your attention. If it is not in the appropriate place then please feel free to move it.


  • I can attest to the beauty of the Londo frame having been the recipient of one when I bought my first L-R 😁

    Really good luck, Snake! What a deserving cause XXX

  • Sadly, I would appear to have misjudged the potential for these frames , tampers and towels to raise funds for charity, in this way.

    Consequently, I will not be organising a draw.

    Once again, my thanks to @Reiss Gunson and @Anita Cross for their willingness to have donated.

    I will still endeavour to benefit Zoë's Place from the disposal of a small number of frames.

    Thank you.

  • Worth mentioning the lovely Londo frame is up on Zoe’s Place auction fundraiser via their FB Page. It may be of interest to lovely Londo owners in the U.K. 😁 😁

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