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New forum

one of the main drivers for moving to this new forum was to make it easier for you to add images, video, and other attachments like pdf or doc or xls files, so please try it out

it is very simple; there are only four icons to choose from; the first is the emoticons, the second is images, the third is video clips, the fourth is any other kind of file attachment

if you would like to be sent an email, or have a pop up notification, when posts are made on this forum please click the account options icon in the extreme top right, which will produce a drop box. choose the second item from the dropbox list, 'edit profile'. That will take you to an 'Edit profile' page, and near the top on the extreme right you will see an option 'notification preferences'; click it and you will be taken to a screen where you can configure to your heart's content as to what you receive notifications for

additionally, we have a very useful new feature which is the auto saving of a draft of your post as you are writing it. i have lost count of the number of times i have been crafting a post when i have lost my mobile internet connection, so i expect you may find this new feature helpful too. to find your draft post you simply click 'discussions' at the top of this page and then over on the right again you will see 'Drafts'; click on it to be taken to a list of your draft posts

let me know if you have future questions as the layout of this forum is very different from what we had before, and critically is is super fast




  • you wait years for a new forum and then three come along all at once.

    hopefully it wont be quite that bad, but we are planning to move to another forum after just a month as we have discovered that the new CRM (customer relationship management) system we are in the process of deploying contains a forum module and it would make a lot of sense from an efficiency and data flow perspective to have our forum integrated into our CRM system.

    the CRM configuration and installation is a big piece of work for us as a small organisation, but we need it in place before we can release the compact lever machine as it is expected to produce a much greater level of customer activity and i am not confident that we could adequately service that increased level of activity with our current customer service mechanisms

    a key feature of the CRM is to take an asset management approach so we can track the life of a machine by its chassis number and associate the owners of the machine to that chassis number. this will make it a lot easier for me to see the service history of the machine at a glance, and as a result i hope to offer better service advice on a first time basis. it will completely change the way we deliver our customer support and we look forward to bringing you stage one of this project before christmas, along with a look at our compact lever machine

    kind regards


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