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Digital Pre-infusion Display Appears to be out

Hello. I went to adjust my pre-infusion settings this morning and noticed that the display is off. Any advice on where to begin troubleshooting? Thank you.


  • hi terry

    is it just the screen that has failed? is the machine otherwise functional? have you got the wifi dongle, and if so does the machine still respond to your instructions from the app?

    kind regards


  • Hi Reiss:

    Thank you for replying so quickly. It appears that it is just the screen, at least, so far as I can tell. The screen is lit but no characters are displayed. I do not have the wi-fi dongle so I cannot try that at the moment.

  • ok. im pretty sure we can send you just a new screen to drop in. are you ok with doing that?

  • edited November 2020

    I think I would be able to do this, yes. I'm tempted to order the wireless dongle at the same time just for efficiency (shipping) but I wonder if we can be relatively sure that this is the problem? Maybe I would be better off waiting to make sure that the problem isn't more serious. What do you think?


    Where's my manners? Thank you very much.

  • yes, probably wait.

  • Okay. Will do. Thank you.

  • Be sure you’re not wearing polarized glasses :)

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