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Stuff coming from the hot water tap

So i've noticed little bits of "stuff" in the bottom of my cup when pre-warming it ready for a shot. I assumed it may have been swarf/other from where things have been tapped/drilled etc. etc. .....but it's there EVERY time i pour hot water into the cup...tomorrow i will have used it for a week since new....i assumed the bits would have gone by now.

Missus thought they may have been overspill grinds from my grinder sat next to the machine; but as i pointed out to her the water would change colour, so it's not grinds. Didn't use the grinder today until i poured the hot water into a cup and yepp there was "still" some bits in the bottom of the cup....has anyone else had this ?? if so how long did it last ?? and lastly how old/new was your machine when you noticed said bits ??

I'm hoping the "shower-screen" is stopping the bits entering my shot's.


  • do you mean from the hot water tap, or from the group?
  • hot water tap.....and still doing it...every time i pour some water into a cup
  • I had something like it on one machine. Since the boiler is refilled after every espresso cup (or tea mug) you fill, the 'color' gets diluted but not simply flushed out. If you spend more time filling mugs and giving the boiler time to refill (not run dry), the issue will pass.

    In my case I suspect I filled the boiler with the first water out of a freshly installed water filter in my kitchen, forgetting to first flush a load of water through it before connecting it to the coffee machine.
  • ok. if it is the hot tap unscrew the diffuser, which is about the bottom 12mm of fitting on the end of the hot water tap

    when you remove the diffuser you will find i expect that it is clogged with silicone grease due to excess use by whoever assembled the valve

    with the diffuser removed flush the hot water tap a little to blow out the excess silicone grease, but be very careful as the valves spit when the diffusers are removed, so it is easy to splash yourself with hot water; use a tall container that you have to tilt to get under the valve is my recommendation

    clean the silicone grease out of the diffuser and refit it; i like to soak it overnight in a citrus solvent, rinse and repeat as necessary. but sure to wash with plenty of running water afterwards

  • Hi guys,

    it seems to have sorted itself out....i don't think it was silicone based...if anything it looked like "black salt" or little bits of metal/stone.

    I'm randomly checking when warming a cup far so good....fingers crossed it won't come back.

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