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Replacing Gicar

I am trying to replace the L1 Gicar. Attached is a picture of the new controller.
When I turn the machine on, the relay in the controller closes, then in 10 seconds the relay opens and the alarm beeps.

I have had no issues with the water indicator prior to the controller malfunction. The reservoir remained full during the changeover. The reservoir is seated. The two wires from the water level terminals (white, and yellow/green) make good contact with the controller.

Is this not the correct controller?

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  • hi buckley

    as i mention in my response on the other thread you raised on this matter, this machine was built in 2012 as a plumb in machine

    it is difficult for us to support machines that have been modified, in this case extensively, since they left the factory

    if you performed the modifications there is some chance we can unpick it and work out what is amiss, if you purchased it modified to a tank and pump machine i expect it will be more difficult

    kind regards

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