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LR Dongle and connectivity

Is anyone on here managing to actually connect to the Dongle without WiFi….. or even with WiFi? I’ve had mine since the beginning of May 2020 and while it did appear to be transmitting intermittently at first, it hasn’t worked for months.

I have had an ongoing discussion with a number of UK Coffee Forum members, the general view seems to be it should work – hypothetically, but if it can’t be “seen” by any other device/network it simply isn’t functional. Originally, I attempted to connect to it via my iPhone, my laptop, my iPad and my neighbours WiFi. When that didn’t work I’ve had friends install the app on their non-Apple devices and try but no luck there either. I know the digital preinfusion unit inside the machine is active as it responds to buttons when pressed.

I eventually posted it off to the Birmingham address given on this website to get a replacement one, only to have it returned with a no such address label. If anyone knows a way of activating, or maybe reactivating this thing, please post a how-to. Failing that, the obvious thing to do is swap it out for a fully functional replacement. Again, if anyone has managed this successfully, please tell me how?



  • hi Al

    is the reset button on your dongle accessible when the dongle is mounted on your machine (or is it trapped, facing inwards?)

    if you push the reset button for 8-10 seconds then the londinium wifi signal should be visible in your list of wifi signals on your phone

    then you just select it as you would any other wifi signal from the list on your phone and you are connected

    let me know and we'll get your sorted

    kind regards

  • The button is accessible but pressing it makes no difference.
  • hi Al

    ok, please return it to;

    18-22 Birch Road East
    B6 7DB

    include a covering note inside referencing LONDINIUM PO1629 for the source document on which they supplied the dongle

    simple state that you have tried pushing the reset button, but despite that the LONDINIUM wifi signal does not appear in the list of Wifi signals on your phone and that you have been through it with me and are returning it for one that works

    obviously include a return address

    i will write an email to Sue now & copy you in

    kind regards

  • Many thanks Reiss.
  • Many thanks Reiss.
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