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Pump getting "stuck" sometimes when filling boiler

Starting about a month ago, my pump started getting "stuck" on occasion when filling the boiler. By "stuck", I mean it makes an electrical buzzing noise but no high-pitched whirring. I need to turn the machine on and off several times until it starts pumping again. What might be causing this?

I'm prepping the machine for sale so I want to make sure it's working properly before I sell it. Thanks!


  • Has the machine been switched on when the water reservoir was low/empty? Struggling without water can hurt a rotary pump. Possibly the lining of the pump has a little dent where, if the rotating part is resting in that position, it needs the 'boost' of switching off/on to get started. I had that for a while but gradually the 'buzzing' got very rare and that machine hasn't had the problem for a long time now. So it does not need to be permanent.
  • Hi Frans and Reiss! The machine has never had an empty reservoir, and the sound isn't quite like the one in the linked thread. It does sounds like a stuck pump though. It's not a huge deal, although it did happen once when I pulled a shot and made things kind of wonky.

    I'll try to capture a video of the sound to make sure it is indeed a stuck pump.
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