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Londinium R Operate Without the Pump

Hi All,

Can I operate my Londinium R just like a traditional lever machine without the pump running by simply raising the boiler pressure to 1.3 bar and dropping the preinfusion bar setting to zero? Or will that not work because the LR is a closed, not open, thermosyphon loop?



  • hi chris

    other than our legacy L1(2012-16) machine which run at 1.3 bar, all of our machines should be set with the boiler pressure to cycle from 0.8-1.0 bar

    (the L1(2012-16) would ideally run 0.8-1.0 bar too but 1.0bar is a bit low for the preinfusion phase to complete in a reasonable time)

    on the LR you have a manifold downstream from the pump which splits the cold water from the into two streams; one to feed the boiler and the other to supply the pre-infusion circuit (HX-TS-Group)

    if you set the preinfusion pressure to 0 bar this will also mean the water to fill the boiler is delivered at 0 bar, and so when the inlet solenoid opens the water in the boiler at 0.8-1.0 bar will flow backwards out of the boiler as you have set the preinfusion pressure lower than the pressure in the boiler

    so always leave the boiler pressure on an LR set to range 0.8-1.0 bar and always set the preinfusion pressure to a value greater than 1.0 bar, otherwise it is likely that water will flow out of the boiler when the inlet solenoid opens to refill the boiler

    kind regards

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