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R not warming up

I have a R that I got last year. Everything has been fine up until this morning when the machine won't heat up. The white and red lights are one. The pressure gauge is sitting at 0, and it's not making any of the usual ticking noise of a boiler warming up.

I opened the panels and checked the thermal fuse - the pin does not depress. I also checked the visible wires/connections but I don't t see anything obviously disconnected.

Where do I go from here? Do I need to replace the heating element already or is there anything else I should troubleshoot first?


  • hi joe

    if the red light is on the gicar is sending a signal to turn the heating element on, and if you have checked that the thermal fuse has not popped then it can only be the heating element

    a 38mm deep socket is the only 'specialist' tool you need and there is a how to post on changing the heating element here;

    you will need to be logged in to access the link above

    kind regards

  • Ok, very good. Thanks for the quick reply
  • i strongly recommend that you replace the thermal fuse, and brass rod that it is mounted on at the same time, or at least order it as there is a high probability that it will not survive being transplanted

    other than that it is just an element, 120V/1400W in your case, an element gasket, and a little silicone grease to just put a sheen on the gasket so it is easy to remove at some future date

    i am happy to provide support via a FaceTime or WhatsApp video call

    kind regards

  • I received all the parts in the mail. I’m going to run out and get a breaker bar this morning.

    2 questions
    1) I have Molykote silicone - will that be ok for the new gasket?
    2) I assume I need to drain the boiler before starting in. Sorry, the image is flipped, but I just remove the lower of the 2 nuts on the bottom right side, yes?


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  • I received all the parts and I’m going out to get a breaker bar. 2 questions...
    1) is Molykote silicone ok for the new gasket?
    2) I assume I need to drain the boiler before getting started. Looking at the side opposite the heating element, take off the lowest nut on the right side of the boiler?

  • hi joe
    yes, molykote absolutely fine
    i have made a post in the permanent file called 'changing the immersion element'; i'll find the link to it now for you

    yes, place the machine on the drain tray beside your kitchen sink if you have one and then undo the lowest pipe on the other side of the boiler

    you could just dump it when you undo the immersion element but there is a lot more wiring on that side of the machine so it isnt ideal and the diameter of the immersion element is much greater so dont completely unscrew it if you decide to drain directly through the immersion element as it will surge out; just partly undo the element and let it leak out progressively, but it is a fairly short thread so it might fall out sooner than you expect
  • Thanks for the help! Everything went well, and I am once again enjoying a morning espresso after a week of stovetop coffee *shudder*. The instructions in that link were easy to follow.
  • super! thanks for taking the time to report back Joe. kind regards, reiss.
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