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Londinium R24

I received my R24 this week! I am based in the UK so I think I am lucky to have mine already.

I am really impressed with the machine, it’s so quiet and also looks great!

In addition, Reiss has been great with customer support and I have been on FaceTime already a couple of times to help me get everything set up and running.






  • thank you for posting Ben

    to those of you with LR24 arriving this week it is highly likely that you will need to contact me so i can show you how to reset the electronics board - for some reason they are not decoupling from the test units at the factory, but a push of the reset button resolves this in short order

    i am pleased to report that the on board water alarm in the app and also the onboard smart timer both work as intended for the LR24 machines

    it is the realisation of 3 years work and im delighted. now we can start pushing the LC forward with more focus

    kind regards

  • Hi,
    The machine looks great. How are you getting on with it?
  • Paul Gabbitus post=17018 wrote: Hi,
    The machine looks great. How are you getting on with it?

    Hi Paul,

    The R24 is great! I have found it easy to use, it is incredibly quiet and it also looks great!

    I have been playing around with the adjustable pre infusion On the app to dial in some SO Beans and found it improves the taste considerably!

    I would recommend it to anyone considering it!
  • Nice machine. Interesting to see you’re pairing it with a Niche grinder. I’ve had my LR a week and I have it paired with a Niche too. Already noticed that I’ve got to go quite a bit finer on my grinder setting from where I was using the same bean on my E61 machine. Lovely results though - the simplicity of the workflow and the LR is superb.
  • How big are the boilers in the R24?
  • 2.3 litres.
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