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Londinium L1R use in Japan

Hi everyone,

Reiss told me there are a few L1 users in Japan (100V or 200V power supply with 50 Hz for Eastern Japan, 60 Hz for Western Japan) and suggested I post my related questions here. The machines are good for 50 Hz or 60 Hz but the difference in voltage results in a significant drop in wattage of the heating element when using the 120V or 240V Version at 100V or 200V respectively. I was wondering what your experiences are:

a. Which version do you use in Japan (120V or 240V)?
b.. Do you use a transformer and if not what is you experience with heat up/ recovery time?
c. The wiring is good for 13A and the stock version heating elements draw both around 12A. If you use the 120V version, did you change the heating element and if so to which one?

Any other advice you would like to share (parts sources etc.) is of course appreciated.


  • I'm interested to see what people say. I asked Reiss if I could use one of these R24s in Japan - and he told me to buy a machine built for the 100v power here in Japan. I'm a bit confused.
  • I'm curious to see what happens here. I'm also a bit confused. I'm shopping for a good machine here in Japan also. When I asked Reiss if I could safely use the R24 in Japan, he told me that I'd be better off buying a machine made specifically for 100V in Japan.

    Is the L1R different than the R24?
  • hi anson

    we sell a version of the LR24 with a 120V/1400W element in it

    if you run this machine on a 100V supply the 1400W element will only put out 100/120, or 5/6th of 1400W, which i dont recommend but it will 'work'

    kind regards

  • The power drawn is actually a square function of voltage
    A simplistic calculation

    Power = Volts x Amps

    Amps = Volts / Resistance


    Power = (Volts x Volts) / Resistance

    Hence an element that is rated at 1400 W at 120 volts will only draw about 972 W at 100 volts.
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