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Pump remains on all the time

Hello !

I am a new owner of a LR which I received about a month ago. I have been enjoying superb coffee since then...

An issue came up suddenly today - I let the machine warm up for an hour, used the hot water wand for heating up a cup and prepared a double espresso. But now the pump remained in on-position even after the lever was raised ! It seems the pressure might be leaking somewhere, I can try and adjust PI and the pump responds but keeps the pumping on all the time. Then when I switch off the power the water starts to flow back to the reservoir via bottom plug and overflow hose as well (or perhaps it is just breathing air as water flows the other way?) This happens after a short while after the power has been switched off. I have taken the panels off and cannot see any water leaks anywhere.

The boiler pressure seems to follow the preinfusion pressure when observed on the machine screen or the mobile app (wireless dongle) - I tested this by changing the PI settings up and down. When the problem started PI was set at 2,5 bar.

Any ideas for troubleshooting or previous experience with such behavior?

Kind regards, Kimmo

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  • hi kimmo

    sorry, ive only just seen this post. did i cover it in an email, or does the issue persist?

    kind regards

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