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Pressure Issue

I have the Londinium R with self installed wireless module and just installed wireless dongle. I cant remember if the issue started just before or just after the dongle install but all of an sudden I'm having pressure issues on extraction. So with the same grind and pre-infusion pressure the pre-infusion is taking a lot longer and upon releasing the handle (which still catches at the right point) instead of a usual 1g/s extraction rate I'm getting drips (vs. a constant flow). I tried increasing my grind size a full step to no avail.

Any ideas or things I should test out to drill into this?


  • hi chris

    the dongle itself won't be responsible for any change

    have you changed coffee?

    kind regards

  • Exact same coffee which I'm mid-bag in. I was more wondering if any of the settings the dongle controls could be responsible. It seemed like such a sudden change for it to go from normal flow rate to slow drips all the way through the extraction. Is there anything else that can affect the pressure or maybe the flow of water to the head?
  • which grinder are we talking about? if you are in the habit of taking one shot at a time from a grinder that is not designed for single dosing, and then you have something new like the dongle to play with, and you start pulling multiple shots the stale coffee that you would usually have from pulling only a couple of shots at a time is now displaced and you are into freshly ground coffee for the full 18g dose. this will drastically slow things down. that is the only explanation i can think of.
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