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Moving and draining LR

Hi all

I'm having my LR shipped to a new location as I can't take it myself. To be safe,

I wanted to know the easiest way to remove the water from the boiler?

Appreciate it can't all be removed but to save any heavy leaking in the box would prefer to remove most of it.



  • obviously pull the water box and empty the water out of it

    to drain the boiler on the LR there is a blanking plug which caps off a port on the boiler that is legacy from the L1(2012-16)

    undo this blanking plug - i think it will be 17mm - use a combination wrench not an adjustable or socket

    strike the end of the wrench with a hammer to both free the nut and also to tighten it

    sit the machine on the drain area beside your kitchen sink if you have that kind of setup and tilt the machine over to let as much drain as possible

    contact me when you come to restart the machine as that is always the critical step

    kind regards

  • Awesome. Thank you Reiss.

    Much appreciated.

  • Hi Reiss

    Just in the process of attempting to empty the boiler.

    With the panels off and looking at the machine from the front aspect I'm guessing it's one of the blanking nuts on the left side of the boiler.

    There are 2 blank nuts though. Is the a specific one to undo?

    Thank you
  • Hi Reiss

    Just in the process of draining the boiler now.

    Looking at the machine from the front aspect and the left side of the boiler. There are 2 blanking bolts. Is there a particular one to loosen?

    Thank you

  • image

    hi nicholas

    yes, that will be because you have a more recent LR with the ability to swap the steam and hot water valves left to right & back again, with the boiler connections coming off the top of the boiler

    in the image i have attached below on my older LR i have circled the blanking plug that you want to remove

    kind regards

  • Thanks Reiss
  • Reiss

    You mention contacting you when the machine is in situ to refill and start up as there is a certain process to follow.

    What is the process please?

    Thanks again
  • hi nicholas

    well if the machine is not going to be used for a period of time you should expect to have to prime the pump before you turn the machine back on

    this means when you have refilled the water tank when the machine has been set back up in the new location remove the hose silicone hose supplying water to the inlet side of the pump and bleed out any air in the line by allowing say half a cup of water to flow from the hose, then push the silicone hose back onto the inlet nipple on the pump

    then pull the lever into the locked down position so there is no back pressure on the outlet side of the pump

    once you do this you have to take extreme care that your shirt sleeve or similar does not catch the end of the lever as you move around the machine and cause the lever to fly up out of the locked out position and hit your or some else square in the face as it will hurt and it may cause you some lasting harm; think broken teeth or jaw if you are unlucky

    then turn the machine on and after the white light on the front illuminates the pump should come on to refill the boiler, indicated by the blue light which comes on when the Gicar calls the inlet solenoid valve to open

    when the pump comes on you should get water coming out of the group after the blue light goes off as this will indicate the closure of the inlet solenoid and shortly after that water is going to pour from the shower screen

    at this point you can gently allow the lever arm to leave its locked out position on the cam and come up to its resting position a little beyond vertical

    if the water level does not drop in the tank when the machine is turned on and the pump only makes a very quiet hum it is stuck; turn the machine off and contact me

    kind regards

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