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Jumping and skipping lever

Hello everyone!

Over the past month or so on occasional pulls i've noticed the lever isn't operating smoothly and is jumping and skipping a bit. The taste is still great but just a bit worried. It only happens roughly half the time and im not sure if it's something on my end as I've been playing with the profiles a bit or if I need to perform some maintenance.


  • hi jacob

    if this happens just remove the group top and lightly grease the group sleeve

    if you need instructions on how to do this you will find them as a very detailed video on i think page 4 of the permanent file, which is only visible when you are logged in as a machine owner

    let me know if you need further help

    kind regards

  • I believe i found the videos. While im doing this would you recommend replacing anything or just regreasing? My machine is roughly a year and a half old
  • no, just a light regrease and you should be fine, unless it starts leaking then the piston seals need to be replaced

    take the shower screen off before applying the grease and pump up to 50 times (as many as you can be bothered with) after regressing to drive the excess grease down the sleeve, then wipe it off, then refit the shower screen - this is also shown in the video

    kind regards

  • Just went through all my original packaging and wasn't able to find the grease. Do you have any suggestions for an alternative that I may be able to find in the US?
  • i expect Dow Corning's 111 valve and seal lubricant (Molykote) will do the job, but it doesnt have any ptfe in it to act as a dry lubricant so you may find yourself reapplying it more often as all silicone greases wear away over time.
  • Thank you again so much for your assistance! I can't wait for the wireless modules to start shipping as I'll be sure to stock up on some screens and gaskets at the same time just to have everything handy for the future!
  • Just pulled my first shot post greasing and everything is perfect (better then new smooth!) Thanks again Reiss for your patience and assistance! You truly are one of a kind!
  • thank you for reporting back jacob - this way people reading the post at a future date know that the advice addressed the issue.
  • Mine has just started to slip a bit as well. Thanks for the suggestion Reiss on Molykote. Ordered some and it should arrive to me Monday. I also have some Superlube multipurpose grease (food safe) that I use to lubricate my HG-1 gears. Would that also be a suitable alternative?
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