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L1 not pulling water in automatically

Recently when turning on my L1 it starts up and pulls in water once. After pulling a shot or using the hot water tap, the water pump doesn't kick on and no water is pulled in (no green light only the normal pressure light is on). The only way to fix this is to turn the machine off drain let the pressure drop and then turn it back on. Any thoughts/suggestions on what could be the cause? I briefly dug through the forums, but didn't see a topic on this issue specifically.



  • hi christopher

    i would start by removing the lever probe and cleaning it

    there is a post on how to do that here;

  • hi christopher

    i would start by removing the level probe and cleaning it

    leave the small inner nut alone

    unscrew the terminal block that connects the yellow wire to the top of the probe

    then undo the larger of the two nuts; the one hard against the boiler

    use a 17mm combination wrench and strike the wrench with a hammer to create percussion shock

    do not simply pull on the end of the wrench with your hand or you are likely to twist the boiler and it will be an expensive day

    use a hammer and proceed with confidence

    you will have a limited angle to work within before the shank of the wrench collides with the thermosiphon pipe, so keep an eye on that as you strike the wrench with the hammer

    do not use an adjustable wrench as it will mash up the nut

    do not use a socket and ratchet as the hammer is likely to destroy the ratchet and it will also prevent the percussion shock from being transmitted through the ratchet

    once the large nut is free unscrew it and lift the whole level probe out of the boiler as an assembly

    then clean the level probe - try not to scratch or etch the polished surface of the probe or you will only provide a key for future mineral deposits to lock onto

  • Reiss sounds good will give it a shot. Also apologies I thought I was posting this to the L1/2/3 forum.
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