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LR & IMS accessories

Hello, I am interested in purchasing a Londinium R and am curious if the IMS screen and basket are recommended for new users. I've read conflicting views (great enhancement versus require more precision) on precision baskets in particular so was just curious if these are "nice to have" upgrades or add ons that will significantly improve results.



  • hi andrew

    in the case of the 35micron screen my answer is unequivocal; get it, it is much better at dispersion of the water flow onto the puck

    in the case of the basket it depends. the reason i offer it is the machine is supplied with a 16g tapered basket and i think most users run an 18g dose the days and so we offer the 18-20g IMS basket. But you may already have an 18g VST basket which would also work well

    kind regards

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